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Total conversion mod for Doom II

Doom II: Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC Mod is a total conversion mod for the classic action game Doom II. This game utility is basically a fan game based on the Jazz Jackrabbit game in the Doom Engine. It comes in a first-person perspective and features sprites for enemies and weapons from the Jazz Jackrabbit game. The modification is fairly lengthy and loaded with lots of stuff to give you hours of entertainment. 

Jazz Jackrabbit meets Doom II

Jazz Jackrabbit is a platform game that features an intergalactic soldier of fortune. It is a science fiction parody of Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare. In the game, Jazz goes through obstacles on each planet he went to by running and jumping. There are also weapons and powerups that he picks up to help him defeat the enemy. Doom II, meanwhile, is a first-person shooter game, which lets players navigate large non-linear levels. Each level comes with demons that need to be killed using various weapons that can be picked up. Players can complete each level by finding the exit. 

Doom II: Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC Mod combines the premise of these two classic games. You will play the rabbit—armed with big guns—who needs to protect all of Hare-Kind from the terrible turtles. In each level, you will need to defeat the said turtles as you find the exit that will take you to the next level. As with Doom II, you can complete each level in a forward fashion, but you can also wander off the beaten path to find more items. 

To play this mod, players need the Doom 2 WAD. The modder also suggests using GZDoom v3.7.2-v4.3.3 and LZDoom v3.85. As noted, this mod is lengthy and loaded with new enemies. It also changes a few existing enemy sprites. Players can also change the difficulty to ramp up the challenge. However, this software is still in the works, so players should expect it to be a bit buggy.

Classic games combo

All in all, Doom II: Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC Mod is basically Jazz Jackrabbit dropped in the Doom II universe. The gameplay is very much Doom II but made lighter, so it can be enjoyed by younger players. However, not so light that it lost all the challenges. The game is still challenging, except for some bosses who seem to be a bit pushover. Overall, it is a good combination of two classic games.


  • Good combination of two classic games
  • Great visuals
  • Familiar gameplay


  • Some bosses are a bit pushover
  • A bit buggy

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